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Quality is our foremost objective

This is why Bosch marks common rail injectors and injection pumps repaired by an authorized Bosch diesel specialist with a special proof of quality. Common rail injectors (CRI) and common rail injection pumps (CP) are marked by specific adhesive repair ID labels, while repair ID clips are used for common rail injectors for commercial vehicles (CRIN).

Bosch repair quality implies use of:

  • Certified testing facilities
  • Special repair and testing methods
  • Original test data and genuine spare parts from Bosch
  • Employees comprehensively trained by Bosch
Using Bosch QualityScan to search for component data

Bosch QualityScan allows you to check the repair quality of Bosch common rail injectors and Bosch injection pumps easily and quickly.
Repair information such as repair ID, end of warranty, IMA identifier or contact details of the diesel specialist performing the repair can be viewed after entering the component information.